Cats disturbing : The expression estimation, Basic machine learning task.

Using more than 10,000 facial images (including some of the cats), it categorizes facial expressions into three patterns.
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Submission Period: April 28, 2020 08:30 UTC May 27, 2030 10:00 UTC
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The uses of facial recognition have expanded widely in some countries for purposes such as identity authentication when making payments. However, the application of facial recognition doesn’t stop there. Other uses include distinguishing facial expressions, body conditions, and more.

This competition prepared over 10,000 images that contain different expressions of faces from different races, ages, and sexes. We want you to determine whether the expressions in the images are positive, negative, or neutral. A few images of cats are also included in the set, bringing the total number of variations to four (positive, negative, neutral, cat).

The images also come in a variety of sizes and orientations. The content is thus a very practical set that also requires the data to be preprocessed.

The data set used in this competition was specially gathered and annotated by the host, making this a wholly unique data set.


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